About Jodie

A personal journey to a stronger body and mindset

Hey, I'm Jodie!

My life’s journey over the last 20 years has seen me competing in local sport, travelling and working overseas, working demanding hours across Operational and HR Management roles all whilst struggling with weight loss.

Now, after putting in the work and making the decision to change, I am the person before you now.     

Someone that is ready to share their story and help others benefit from my experience, knowledge and comprehensive training.

The decision to change happened overnight but the process to change required consistent effort over time.

After yo-yo dieting with an all or nothing mindset for a few years, over a decade ago, I sought out a ‘quick fix’ option and had gastric banding surgery. Post surgery, the yo-yo dieting with the all-or-nothing mindset continued. After being in this cycle for 20 years, I was determined to change. It wasn’t until I started educating myself on my mindset, engaged a coach and surrounding myself with a supportive community that I really felt the confidence to make everlasting change.

With the support and guidance from my coach I was able to lose 20kg, gain strength and confidence to build a sustainable lifestyle prior to having the band removed.

I’m on a mission to help you gain direction, clarity and purpose in your life and grow your mindset to the point that you can self lead your way through whatever life throws at you.”

Now I use my skills, knowledge and personal experience to help others gain direction, clarity and purpose to navigate challenges and live a life of fulfilment rather than be overwhelmed with where to start.

For me, support and education were the backbone of my transformation and that is what I will to bring to you in your journey of change.

Why Choose Jodie


Jodie builds relationships based on trust to effectively listen and communicate to ensure even the small details are recognised and actioned. 


Accountability changes the game. Jodie will help you form good habits and maintain them sustainably to help you reach your goals.


Having gone through her own mindset and weight loss journey, Jodie is passionate and equipped with personal experience to help inspire long-lasting results.

Weekly Habit Tracker.

Tired of trying to change your habits, only to fall back into old patterns?

This free weekly habit tracker can help. Simply download the tracker and start logging your progress towards your goals.

Build Your Journey to Confidence and Clarity

The ingredients for growth; personalised one-on-one coaching and a supportive environment.


One-on-one coaching with Jodie.


Evolve the way you approach daily habits.


Create a bulletproof mindset.


Find joy in movement.


I have benefitted in so many ways since going through the program. I think the biggest is taking action without fear. I really lacked direction in regards to nutrition and fitness (which is important to me). I felt overwhelmed by all the possibilities of where I could go. With Jodie’s guidance I was able to precisely ascertain what I wanted for myself. I was able to seek guidance for nutrition with a nutritionist and highlight my fitness goals to my coach which was to compete in my first powerlifting competition. My whole outlook on taking action is different. I decide what I want and I know what I need to do to do that and I get it done.

- Clarissa

I am so time poor, that I was worried I didn’t have capacity for coaching. I believed initially it would take hours of work weekly, but you were quick to navigate me to the path I needed to move forward. I have gained a lot of tools to manage my thoughts / I have gained a lot of perspective on my mind. I feel confident to be myself and I know I am enough. I also believe that I’m capable of all the things I want for myself and I really feel like I’m focused on living a better life.

- Candice

Prior to coaching I was struggling to find direction and therefore was lacking motivation to start anything due to feeling overwhelmed about where to begin. It is so hard to put into words the scale of impact coaching with Jodie has had on my life. Jodie has a very unique way of helping you realise you are more than capable of achieving any goal you set yourself. The transformation made me far more motivated to take the plunge and commit to my return to sport and to improve my nutrition. I commenced a structured nutrition plan and resumed competitive sport after rehabbing from a serious injury. Having Jodie there as a support was absolutely invaluable.

- Amy

Jodie helped me put a lot of tasks in place that not only would hold me accountable, but also support and guide me to change my negative mindset. After finding myself in a extremely negative space, I decided to join a PT to help get myself back in shape however this found me in a blame state, always finding excuses why I didn’t do my workout or eat my macros, my PT kindly put me on to Jodie to help switch that, I had a goal, but Jodie helped me with the PT take multiple steps forward to make that goal a reality. I now feel happier and have been able to change that goal into something that will stay with me forever.

- Ashley

My health and wellness goals always seemed slightly unachievable but with the mindset coaching I feel silly for ever doubting myself. Jodie has taught me that in order to achieve results you need to show up for yourself, and once you put yourself and your mindset as a priority then the results will follow. I don’t feel like this is a temporary change in mindset, I feel like this is a lifelong change and all I needed was some guidance on how to be my best. Jodie actively listens, provides guidance and helps you to achieve your desired results in ways that you may have never thought of.

- Sarah

Jodie was able to connect in a personal way. I trusted Jodie from the first meeting and then every session after that the process flowed. Jodie has a fantastic way of connecting and being able to communicate with you. I feel lighter in my body and have had real positive comments which is a real boost as my weight was a big factor in my mindset. I am exercising the same, and it feels heaps better and I see myself differently in the mirror. This is honestly the best thing I have personally done for myself in 55yrs. It has cleared me of so much mental baggage and put me in a new positive frame of mind and body. My family and I will never be able to thank Jodie and the awesome transformation I have been able to make.

- Keith

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